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A little bit about us

TRAVELMATION LLC - Specializing in Disney Destinations
Walt Disney believed in the power of family -- that's why he created Disneyland in 1955. We also believe in the power of family. There is no greater entity than the modern family and the impact loved ones can have on each other as they spend time together here on this planet. We want to help them make the most of each and every moment -- that's why we created Travelmation LLC. From the get-go Travelmation LLC has been "Helping Families make Magical Memories" and we love it!
Travelmation takes the two most fun entities "Travel & Animation" and combines them into one unique experience. Specializing in Disney Vacation Packages, Agents from Travelmation LLC have a wealth of knowledge, experience, and passion dealing with the Disney brand. All of us are Disney lovers to the core of our being and cannot wait to help your family plan their next Disney Vacation! 
Contact any one of our agents for assistance -- and remember "We never charge fees to book vacation packages."
- The Travelmation LLC Team


Meet Our Team
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