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Tiffany Pace

Tiffany Pace.jpg

Tiffany has never been one to miss an opportunity for travel.  She was born while her parents were vacationing at a theme park and she's been exploring the world ever since! She is a believer in the concept of Fernweh, a German word meaning "far-sickness, a longing for far off places". Tiffany believes travel should be magical and will ensure every vacation she plans is exceptional.


Tiffany’s fondest memories of childhood are the month long road trips her family would take every summer, many times to Disney.  Naturally, she loves planning unforgettable Disney trips for her clients!  She’s also passionate about building memorable trips to Hawaii, the Caribbean, Mexico, Europe and more!  Anticipating even the smallest detail so her clients can enjoy the journey.


Tiffany currently lives in Cedar Park, Texas, with her husband of 20 years, their two kids, and their Goldendoodle named Duke.

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