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Jamie Knapp

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Jamie grew up on Disney. Her first trip was in 1978 and has been a total of 31 times since. She knows Disney World like the back of her hand and is now training her 6 year old daughter to be just as knowledgeable. After years of helping friends plan their Disney Trips for fun, Jamie finally joined the Travelmation team in early 2021. Jamie knows how to make each trip special, unique, and feel like a different experience each time you go.


As a mom of a little girl, Jamie is very experiences on where to see every Princess and Character without having to wait in long lines. As a wife to a Ginger husband who can’t deal with heat, Jamie is very experiences in how to plan your days smart, without melting in the sun. She is always full of tips and tricks to make your day efficient and comfortable. After all, a vacation should be enjoyable, right.


On top of experiencing every attraction at Walt Disney World, Jamie has also been to Disneyland in CA as well as Disneyland Paris. The other Disneyland’s around the globe are on her bucket list.


Jamie, her husband Simon, and their daughter live in Nashville, TN.


Favorite resort: Polynesian

Favorite Attraction: Haunted Mansion

Favorite Snack: Coconut Dole Whip Float & School Bread

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