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Jessica Bright

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My name is Jessica and I am a wife, mother, and educator in Aurora, Colorado. My husband, son and I have lived in Colorado for the past eight years, enjoying all the amazing wonders of the state – from the sand dunes to the high peaks! Prior to living in Colorado, we lived in various cities around Texas. Before becoming a teacher, I was an event planner for two major companies in the Dallas metro, providing once-in-a-lifetime experiences including trips to iconic sporting events like NCAA and professional championships, music awards and luxurious all-inclusive trips to destinations around the world.  My love for details and organization comes through in all that I do! 

Growing up in Southern California, my love for Disney began at a young age, as I first experienced Disneyland Park at the age of two. From enjoying the parks a few times a year, to becoming engaged in the Rose Garden in front of Cinderella’s Castle at the Magic Kingdom, Disney has, and will, always hold a special place in heart, where dreams truly do come true. I also enjoy traveling the world with my family to experience new cultures, food and landscapes.

I am truly passionate about providing my clients with one-of-a-kind adventures, creating lifelong memories they will cherish. 

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