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Courtney Chambers

Courtney Chambers.jpg

Courtney started working with Travelmation, LLC in January 2020. She was a college lacrosse coach for five years and had to give it up to follow her husband who is in the army. Lacrosse had been a passion of hers for so many years that she felt like she lost a part of her. She since has found a passion for travel! She realized, while living in Hawaii, to not take for granted where she lived and to use those moments to create memories for her and her family. Memories last longer than any other gift and she loves being a part of helping people make those memories. She gets to know her clients and uses her knowledge to ensure that friends and families make the most of their vacations.


Courtney is a stay-at-home mom and currently lives in Oklahoma with her husband, Travis, and two very active boys, Grayson and Kaden. She loves the beach and misses it dearly. She’s pineapple obsessed and loves Whitney Houston.


Favorite vacation- Cruise to the Bahamas

Favorite Disney movie- The Lion King

Dream vacation destination- Greece and Jamaica

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