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Tracy Engbretson

Tracy Engbretson.jpeg

Tracy joined Travelmation in 2021 because she has such an intense love for travel and travel planning. Professionally helping others find the same joy in travel has always been, what felt like, an unrealistic dream, so joining the Travelmation family is truly a dream come true. 


As a child, Tracy’s travel adventures began at a young age, as she and her family lived abroad in Taiwan for a decade. She was very comfortable traveling independently across the Pacific Ocean by the time she was 17, and has visited many countries in Asia, Europe, and Central America. She also enjoys domestic travel and experiencing the vast variety of cultures and climates the US offers. Traveling is her passion! 


Her love for all things Disney and visiting Disney parks also began as a young child. Experiencing the pure magic of Peter Pan’s Flight as a five year old still lingers today! Riding the newest attraction Splash Mountain at age six and hottest thriller Indiana Jones at age 13 are etched in her memory forever. Even now, this love continues to grow and flourish as she raises her own children. Her goal is to someday visit every Disney park in the world. 


Planning and executing adventures, (especially a Disney one) brings her pure exhilaration and joy. She loves researching and learning as much as possible so she can bring her knowledge and expertise to any trip, big or small! 


When she’s not off on her next excursion, Tracy is a registered nurse who lives in the rainy Pacific Northwest with her husband, three sons, daughter, and elderly Boston Terrier, Boba Fett. 


Favorite Resort: Disneyland Hotel (for its rich history)

Favorite Attraction: Disneyland’s Pirates of the Caribbean 

Favorite Snack: Churro 

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