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Erica Ransbottom

Erica Ransbottom.jpg

My greatest memories in life are the ones I have made while I am traveling. As a young kid, my parents knew there is no better way to enhance an education than to physically experience what you’re reading about in a textbook. This is where my travel obsession started. I always have to be planning my next adventure! I have helped friends and family over the years plan their adventures and decided to make it my career.


I believe travel can be a life changing experience. It gives you a refresh from your daily routine and you get to see the world from a new perspective. In my daily routine, I can be going through the motions of the day and see an image from a place I have visited and think “Oh! I have been there” and the memories of my trip come rushing back.


One of my earliest childhood memories of travel is at Disney World watching the Electric Parade. This was one of the most magical moments of my childhood. Ever since then, Disney has held its magic and I love learning about all things Disney. It truly has something for everyone and I travel to Disney at least once a year.

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