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Cait Brakeman

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Cait grew up just north of Disney and would spend every summer and school holiday at Disney. Between the trips to Disney and her family vactions every year, a passion for traveling grew and traveling to every Disney and every country in the world became a goal for Cait. She currently has been to 14 countries, 30 states, Disney World, and Disney Land. 

She strives to go on at least 3 small trips and one trip abroad every year. 

Cait lives with her fiance, Colby, who just graduated with his Masters in Biology. They have two dogs and a tortoise, Fina. Bridget is an 8 year old poodle and Archibald is a 3 year old red heeler cattle dog. 


Favorite Resort - Disney's Wilderness Lodge

Favortie Attraction - Splash Mountain 

Favorite Snack - Fruit and Nutella Waffles at Sleepy Hollows in Magic Kingdom 

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