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Isabella Barnes

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Isabella became a travel planner in 2018 because she has a life-long passion for travel especially including Disney destinations. She believes travel brings families together and creates unforgettable memories. She loves getting to know each of her clients personally to help create a vacation itinerary that will be extra magical for each of them no matter where in the world they want to travel. For Walt Disney World vacations, she creates personalized, detailed itineraries for guests to utilize her 20 years of inside Disney knowledge for incredible vacations every time.


Isabella lives in Cleveland, OH. Her favorite place in the world she has visited has been New York City. When she can't take a long vacation, she enjoys getaways to a local beautiful bed and breakfast. She has a long bucket list of places to visit around the world. Topping the list is Cairo, Egypt; Antarctica; and Athens and Santorini, Greece. In her free time, you can catch her reading up on travel news (for fun!), listening to her extensive playlist of Walt Disney World park music, or watching the newest Marvel movie.


Isabella is a Disney fanatic. She has visited a Disney destination more than 50 times since her first vacation in 2000. She enjoys long walks down Main Street U.S.A., getting sprinkled with pixie dust, warm hugs from Olaf, and Mickey waffles. If she could only visit one park during her Walt Disney World vacation, she would choose Disney's Animal Kingdom. Her favorite restaurant is there as well, Yak and Yeti. She's been known to even dine here twice in one day!


Isabella strives to make herself readily available to her clients. Send a message below, and she will get back to you in less than 24 hours! Where will you adventure next?

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