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Lindsay O'Connor

Lindsay O'Connor.jpg

Lindsay grew up believing in Disney magic and wanting to share the love of all things Disney with those around her. Although she has many favorite destinations, turning the corner and seeing Cinderella's castle in Disney World is still one of her favorite views in the world. She became an agent with Travelmation so she could share the joy of travel with others by helping them to plan amazing vacations, whether it be a magical Disney trip, or a relaxing all-inclusive beach getaway (and everything in-between). Customizing a vacation to each client and taking pride in the little details that make each trip memorable are two of her favorite things about planning vacations.


Lindsay currently lives in Dallas, TX with her husband, Jon, and two rescue pups, Bella and Hershey. 


Favorite Resort - Disney Polynesian Village Resort

Favorite Attraction - The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

Favorite Snack - A mickey pretzel with cheese

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