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Kristi Patrick

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Kristi is an experienced traveler, putting her insights and knowledge to use with Travelmation, joining the team in 2019. She is full of dedication and love to all she meets. Having grown up and lived throughout the southeast has given Kristi lots of opportunities to travel and see many areas. Cruising is one of Kristi’s favorite things to do, beginning on her honeymoon and having gone on nine cruises. She has always enjoyed her trips to Disney World and enjoys traveling to new places to explore. She will go above and beyond for everyone she meets to help share her passion for travel. One of Kristi’s favorite activities while traveling is photography. She really enjoys capturing great scenery, interesting things along the way, and family pictures that can be kept and shared for years to come, creating lasting memories. Let Kristi help you by taking the stress out of planning your next great adventure with your family and create a perfect vacation with memories that will last a lifetime!


Kristi lives in Athens, Georgia with her husband of twenty-five years and their two pets. They have one son who is a high school math teacher. Kristi spends time volunteering at her church and she is also a Personal Care Assistant.



Favorite Disney Park: Magic Kingdom

Favorite Attraction: Space Mountain

Favorite Cruise Line: Royal Caribbean

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