Jillian Garey

Jillian Garey.jpg

Jillian joined Travelmation in May of 2021. She was born and raised traveling much of the United Sates with her family as a child and her love of traveling has continued into adulthood. She has also always loved all thing Disney from movies to swag. After being told by family and friends that she should become a travel agent being they were always asking about trips and with help finding deals, she decided to join Travelmation after listening to the ImagineEars podcast which is hosted by 2 fellow agents.  She would be excited to help you plan your next vacation.


Jillian lives in Waco, Texas with her husband Ray, 2 Labs Brooke and Scout, and her horse Jack.


Favorite resort-Fort Wilderness Resort

Favorite Attraction-Kilimanjaro Safari

Favorite Snack- Dolewhip (She even makes a version at home)