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Don Fortner

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I Love People and I Love Travel !  I work for Travelmation as an authorized Disney Vacation Planner for all of your Disney destinations and more.  


I have planned many trips over the years for Students, Single Adults, Families, and Senior Adults.  These trips have taken us to various destinations including Mexico, the Bahamas, Jamaica, The Dominican Republic, Honduras and numerous cities across America.  


I am a servant leader. My gift is service and that is what I offer at NO COST to you.  I will apply recommendations to your particular circumstances, preferences, needs, and desires.  I will be responsive to your requests and questions and have a vested interest with making sure you are more than pleased with your experiences.  


My favorite destinations include DisneyWorld and the Caribbean with its All-Inclusive and Cruises.  With my expertise you can be on your way to your dream destination and “Make Memories Forever!”


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