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Allyson started working with Travelmation LLC in 2017, but she has been a lifelong Disney lover. She went three times as a child and fell in love with it even more as an "adult".  She got her husband hooked on Disney on their honeymoon and they have been a Disney family ever since. She has been to Disney World several times and continues to go every year. Her other Disney love is the Disney Cruise Line! At the parks her favorite thing to do is to make magical memories with her husband and son, just soaking in the magic around them and watching the fireworks. She loves spreading Disney magic with everyone and making their dreams come true.


Allyson lives in Raleigh, North Carolina with her husband, Aaron, her son, Henry and their three dogs, Minnie, Max, and Pepper.


Favorite Resort: Pop Century
Favorite Attraction: Toy Story Mania 

Favorite Snack: Mickey Ice Cream Bar and Mickey pretzel are a tie!

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