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Mindy Maitland

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 I am the proud mother of three girls and the wife of an amazing husband.  I spent 21 years in education.  Family, education, and travel are my true passions.  My first visit to Walt Disney World occurred when I was just six years old.  That first trip not only created a love of Disney, but a true understanding of exceptional service.  Walt Disney's vision and dedication to excellence has greatly influenced who I am as a mother, educator, and travel advisor. It is about relationships.  It is about listening and asking the right questions.  It is about understanding that your travel plans should be individualized and tailored to your specific wants and needs. 


My knowledge and level of experience in travel sets me apart.  I have booked cruises, all-inclusive resorts, international destinations, theme parks, honeymoons, and so much more!  I also specialize in the Hawaiian islands.  As a mother, I understand family dynamics.  Sometimes parents need to getaway.  Other times, a family vacation is a balancing act to ensure that each person feels like the trip was planned specifically for him or her.  As the mother of a daughter in the Army, moments together are even more precious.  I understand these ever-changing scenarios.  As an educator, my desire to learn means that as long as there are destinations to visit, I will be learning about them and sharing them with you.

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