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Disney 101: Navigating the Crowds During Peak Seasons

Fast Passes are free! Take advantage of the 3 for those attractions on top of your bucket list!

If your kids are a little older and can stay up later, visit the Magic Kingdom in the morning when the park will be open late. In the morning, visit attractions with limited hours, see a parade, use all your Fast Passes, etc. When crowds peak mid-day, leave to visit another park, swim, or rest up. Return later, around 9 pm, and more often than not, you'll feel you have the ENTIRE Magic Kingdom to yourselves! Families with little ones are calling it a night by that time in the evening.

In the morning, before you arrive at the park, ask each person in your party what two things they are most excited about that day. If they choose attractions, hopefully you have Fast Passes for them. If not, visit those attractions first. If they choose shows or parades, check the day’s schedule because it often changes! You probably won’t get to do everything, but this strategy will ensure everyone gets to do a couple of their favorites!

During the peak season, Disney Transport is also very busy. Stay at a resort closest to the park you will be visiting the most. Use the monorail, watercraft service, and walking paths when available. Avoid leaving right after any fireworks display—that is the busiest time for all Disney transportation systems. Head to the gift shop or get a snack so the crowd has time to clear a little.

Go in the early morning and then go back to the hotel during the afternoon to enjoy the pool etc. then return to the park around dinnertime when the lines are shorter and the day cooler.

Seek out the fun, lesser-known entertainment, especially the shows. There is the Main Street Trolley Show, The Dapper Dans, The Notorious Banjo Brothers, Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom. My family’s favorite is A Pirate Adventure—Treasures of the Seven Seas. Lots to experience without a line.

Patti Kastor

Get to the park before rope drop. As soon as you enter go straight to the back, most people will stop along the way. If you are staying on property take advantage of Extra Magic Hours. Both times we have been to Magic Kingdom on Christmas morning we were able to enjoy every attraction we wanted before 11:00 a.m.

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