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Follow Us As We Explore the World of Disney in 2018!

Travelmation Agent Michelle at Animal Kingdom

Why does Travelmation have a Travel Agent in a Disney Destination every day of 2018?

It’s an interesting, unique, and extremely fun concept — which our leadership team came up with in the Fall of 2017. The answer is simple, we want to draw awareness to our brand and provide the best services to our clients. Having a Travel Agent in a Disney Destination every day of 2018 provides Travelmation the opportunity for consistent reporting back on all of the new things being developed by the dream makers at Disney!

There are so many more reasons this is our most innovative and wild idea yet — but here are the top 3.

Travelmation agent Kathy

1. Social Media Awareness Our brand is driven by social media and we are always looking for the best way to let friends and family know about the very best Travel Agency out there! This was a fun, simple, and unique way to do just that.

2. Client Service We want to provide the very best service as we help our families make magical memories. Travelmation is a family and if one of our clients has an issue, we all have an issue. Our team of agents work together to ensure they are resolved; And if one just happens to be serious enough — our agents will always be on site to personally take care of our clients.

3. We love Disney! At the core of our brand (even though we book travel with every vendor under the sun — Cruises, All-Inclusives — you name it, we do it) we just love the magic, the environment, and the family oriented experience that Disney Destinations provide. So — who wouldn’t want to be there more?

Follow us on social media #Travelmation2018 and find your favorite Travelmation Travel Agent in a Disney Destinations EVERY SINGLE DAY of 2018!

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