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tim murner

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I am married to the talented and lovely love of my life, Dani. Together we have three beautiful daughters, four grandchildren, and one more on the way! I am an A&P mechanic (Aircraft) who has traveled all over the world to fix broken airplanes and other interesting assignments.

My career fueled my desire to travel the world. I rarely travel professionally anymore, but Dani and I love to travel. We travel together, with family, and with friends. Anytime we travel with others we are asked to take care of all the planning. Now we look forward to working together to help others enjoy the joys and thrills of traveling. 

We Love cruising and all things Disney. We love to play golf and all the trips that can come with it. I love all the different kinds of trips you can experience in Europe - history, food & wine, outdoor adventures, and the incredible scenery and architecture.

I look forward to helping others with their traveling wants, needs, and passions.

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