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tessa dyson

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Hi, my name is Tessa Dyson and I am so excited to start creating adventures for you with Travelmation! Planning a trip to a new destination or even a familiar one can seem daunting but that’s where I come in!


Whether it’s the most magical place on Earth, Disney World, or a new country or city that you want to explore, I’ve got you covered! 

I’ve always enjoyed traveling and making memories that last a lifetime. I’ve traveled to Australia, Europe, all over the US, and of course, Disney World! I have a passion for people and I want you to have, amazing trips and adventures like I’ve had! Based on personal experiences, and the knowledge I gained from The College of Disney Knowledge, we can make this your best vacation yet!


I also plan, at no cost to you, cruises, all-inclusive resorts, and so much more! I have earned my Bachelors of Adventure from Royal Caribbean University and work with several cruise lines. So if you’re looking to relax and have fun on the seas, or at a resort we’ll find the perfect destination for you!


Interested in getting started? With some simple information from you, and my knowledge and expertise, we can make your vacation dreams come true!


If traveling seems too out of reach, or too stressful you’re not alone! The world is a huge place with many countries, states, and cities to explore and make memories. From a gorgeous Alaskan cruise, to a magical getaway to the  wonderful World of Disney, I can help. Give me a call or send a message today to get started! 

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