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tate leclair

Tate LeClair.jpg

Tate LeClair joined Travelmation in 2023. He is a passionate traveler and planner! Walt Disney World, New York City, Key West, and San Francisco are some of his favorite destinations. Tate is an actor, stage director, and administrator that has worked around the state of Georgia on events teams, managed conferences, and currently fundraises for the State Theatre of Georgia, the Springer Opera House. 


Tate is often the go-to guy among family and friends while planning trips. He loves creating new experiences for himself and others, and is a huge fan of the “Out of Office” setting on his email. He understands how important time away from the grind is for our well-being. When planning for time away, he knows traveling to new places can take time and is often stressful planning the perfect trip, and will work diligently to bring your dream vacation to a reality. He can’t wait to plan your perfect getaway with you! 

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