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stacy greenhut

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In 1973 my family and I visited Walt Disney World. The same year I saw Cinderella at the Theater in Central Park in NYC. That was the beginning of my love for all things Disney, my passion for travel and exploring!

As I grew I began traveling to other destinations whether an island, a cruise or all inclusive. I enjoyed traveling so much I incorporated it into my professional career. For almost 30 years I was a non profit development/ fundraising executive.  When given the opportunity to travel the country and outside the states as a national campaign manager I jumped at it!  I was able to experience places from San Francisco, Nashville to Victoria and Toronto. Hawaii had been on my bucket list for the longest time, when planning my honeymoon I convinced my now husband how incredible it would be to sail to all of the islands. 

Throughout the years I have helped countless friends and family with their travel plans.  I dreamt for years of turning my passion into a career.  Being in the non-profit  world for 30 years I indistinctly pay attention to desires, thoughts, fears to the smallest details. Color coding, checklists and being a planner are part of my DNA!

My son is on the spectrum and has other different abilities.  Traveling took on a new dimension for my family, we wanted Lucas to enjoy the world and experience it all with us. We loved going down the shore or spending a day in NYC; getting on a plane, boat or a resort was uncharted territory for us. In 2016 we took Lucas to Disney for the 1st time, it was MAGICAL! DAS and all of the team members made his first vacation, one he still talks about today!  It was then that I understood how important accessible travel is.  

In late 2023 I decided to turn my passion for helping others into a career!

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