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A Few Favorites from Pandora

Pandora - The World of Avatar

I recently had the pleasure of visiting Pandora – The World of Avatar – at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. When Pandora was first announced, I was slightly skeptical. I was not a huge fan of the movie when it came out and I simply didn't see how it was going to fit with Disney's Animal Kingdom. However after spending a few days exploring this exciting new land, I was simply blown away. It's an incredible addition to Animal Kingdom and I wanted to share with you my four favorite things from Pandora.

1. Flight of Passage

This is a no brainer/top of my list attraction. The ride is a simulator, in which you virtually ride a banshee through the land of the Na’vi. It was thrilling and beautiful. The technology is incredible! I walked off this ride and thought “that may be my favorite ride at Disney”. The seat you sit on emulates the movement and real-life nature of the banshee, you can even feel the banshee breathe or move its wings as you are flying. It is a “must do” attraction and, yes, the wait is long but the queue is unique, interesting and mostly inside!

2. Night Blossom Drink

This drink is located at Pongu Pongu refreshments, directly outside of the Windtraders store. The drink is non-alcoholic and a mixture of limeade, apple and desert pear flavors and topped with passion fruit boba balls. It looks gorgeous but it tastes even better. I tend to prefer unsweet drinks, so I was wary but it is incredibly refreshing, mildly sweet and perfect for a hot day in Orlando.

3. Details

The attention to detail in the land of Pandora is incredible. The land is so immersive, you truly feel that you have left Earth and traveled to this new land of Pandora! This is not “Disney Pandora”, I never even spotted one set of Mickey ears. There is an immense amount of plants, greenery and flowers that look like they are truly from another planet. In addition, when the sun sets, the scenery takes on a new life with the magic of bioluminescence.

4. Water stations

This might seem silly, but one of my favorite little touches to the Land of Pandora were the water stations located in the queue for both rides. They were, obviously, themed to fit the land. But, they had water fountains as well as water bottle refilling stations and the best part was that the water was COLD and FILTERED!

We had an incredible experience and I cannot wait to go back and visit! Be sure to plan a day (or more) at Animal Kingdom to explore this land for yourself! Share your pics with us and use the hashtag #PandoraTravelmation

Lynnlee is one of our travel agents. Her favorite Disney resort is the Boardwalk and her favorite attraction is the Jungle Cruise!


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