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The Force is Strong with Hollywood Studio’s “Symphony in the Stars: A Galactic Spectacular”

It easy for long-time Star Wars fans to feel like they’re in an in-between season at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The popular Star Wars Weekends celebrations have come to an end. Yet they’ve just broken ground for the anticipated Star Wars Land, set to open in 2018. To help with this transition time, Disney has recently opened Launch Bay and a new stage show called “Star Wars: A Galaxy Far, Far Away.” But the Force is strongest at the new fireworks finale “Symphony in the Stars: A Galactic Spectacular.”

Launched in December 2015, this nightly fireworks show is a thrilling celebration of the Star Wars saga. Here’s why:

  • The sounds. Disney has combined John Williams’ stirring Star Wars soundtrack with quotes directly from the movies. They’ve also perfectly timed the launch of each firework so the “boom” fits right in, telling the story of the entire saga.

  • The choreography. The red fireworks fly across the sky just as the Imperial March plays. Green fireworks shoot from the ground on one side, red from the other, as Duel of the Fates plays and light saber sound effects swish by. A single firework flies high overhead while the voice of Obi Wan explains the Force. The entire performance is choreographed with precision and every moment stays true to the feel of Star Wars.

  • The location. Any viewing location inside Animation Courtyard feels intimate and is completely immersive as the fireworks shoot from a semi-circle near the theater. Guests feel like they are part of the Star Wars experience. The show can also be viewed all the way down Hollywood Boulevard, if guests prefer a little distance between themselves and the show.

  • The dessert party. Food and drinks are impeccably themed, meticulously presented and delicious. From nitro-frozen Nutella ice cream to Darth Maul éclairs, no detail is forgotten. This is the ultimate celebration for a Star Wars fan. Dessert party requires an additional fee and should be reserved in advance. All you care to eat and drink included in the price, plus a gift. And excellent reserved viewing for the fireworks show!

“Symphony in the Stars: A Galactic Spectacular” is a stirring, emotional, immersive, and grand celebration of the Star Wars saga. Even guests who aren’t particularly Star Wars fans will be amazed by the experience of the show. Star Wars fans will be given a new hope that the franchise we love is in good hands.

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