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Shannon Murray

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Hey everyone! My name is Shannon Murray and I joined travelmation in 2022. I enjoy traveling and as a kid I traveled a good bit (favorite place was anywhere in my home state of Texas). Nowadays it’s traveling with my husband and our daughter. Our favorite family place other than Disney is Blue Ridge, Georgia which is 4hrs north from where we live, I have been to Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma, Arizona, New Mexico, North and South Dakota, Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, Florida, and Arkansas throughout the years.

One place on the list of places I want to visit is Vienna, Austria (my grandmother's homeland). It is full of history, beautiful sites, and from what I hear great food!


I live in Byron, Georgia, with my husband and our daughter. We live a pretty normal and simple life. 


Favorite Resort - Pop Century

Favorite Attraction - Slinky Dog

Favorite Snack - Cheeseburger Spring rolls (Magic Kingdom from the cart outside of Adventureland)

Location I want to visit: Vienna, Austria

Most Memorable Trip: Any trip with my husband and daughter are memorable as we always have a ton of fun and find new adventures where ever we go. We are frequent visitors to the mountains, the beach, or anywhere that a new adventure awaits! 

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