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scott hourigan

Scott Hourigan.jpg

I technically began traveling in the Army where I was able to see some beautiful European countries and experience the way the locals lived. While not luxurious or necessarily relaxing, this experience fostered my love of traveling to new places, seeing historical sites and immersing myself in local culture. Later, when I was engaged, my wife and I decided to marry in Italy and were able to plan the wedding and honeymoon in Europe. This is when I realized that I enjoyed planning vacations. We traveled through Tuscany, Rome and Paris on our own itinerary, creating some amazing memories on the way, not to mention having a fun Italian wedding at a gorgeous villa. Since then, I have helped plan vacations all over the world for friends and family including theme park trips, Hawaii trips to multiple islands, beach trips both stateside and international, cruises on different lines, and adult trips for us parents who need a little get away. I chose to become a travel agent because I realized that for many, planning the vacation can be stressful. Many people lack the time or desire to research the vast amount of travel locations and hotels available. That is where I come in. I love to look for the best deal and help you book a memorable vacation while taking the stress of planning it all away.

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