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Samantha Piel

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My name is Samantha Piel, and I am so excited about my new adventure, as a Travelmation Travel Agent.  As an Emergency Room Nurse and new mother, I decided that being home with Hailey during her formative years is my top priority.  However,  my love of Disney and my knowledge of the parks is my passion and one I want to pursue at this time.


Following travel agents with similar interests, on Social Media, is what inspired me to become a Travelmation Travel Agent.  Over the past few years, I have visited the Disney Parks multiple times, each time designing a new itinerary for my husband, family and myself.  I  also assisted several people looking to visit Disney World, design their itineraries.  I have  visited Universal- Orlando, Punta Cana and  Smugglers Notch, Vermont, giving me different perspectives of resort activities is differing climates and locations.  


One of my favorite destinations is Caribbean Beach, in Disney World.  The updated rooms, elaborate transportation system to other parks, and beautiful amenities make this resort a family favorite!  I highly recommend it!

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