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ronnie wetherbee

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What's up, everyone!! My name is Ronnie Wetherbee, the @TattooedTravelGuy, I'm an avid traveler looking to share my love of travel and all of the knowledge I've acquired along the way to ensure that together, we can build the vacation of your dreams.  I'm excited to be a part of the Travelmation team, where we cut overhead to work within your budget to make traveling affordable so that you get the most bang for your buck.  


I'm a husband and father of 5 children, ranging in age from 6 months to 20 years, so I understand traveling both with and without kids because sometimes you are looking for a family friendly vacation and other times you just need to get away to "adult."  When I'm not traveling, I'm working as a customer service rep at one of our Nation's leading producers of Aggregates and concrete, 17 years going, planning awesome trips for friends and family, playing softball, bowling, and running around with the kids.  I'm also into tattoos.  So all my tatted up folks don't feel nervous contacting me with any questions.  I'm a little off the cuff, not to prim and proper.  The tattooed community likes to travel too!


Free time is something that as a parent, a lot of us do not get much of, so for the parents out there, I especially know how important it is that your vacation goes off without a hitch.  


Here are some of the places I've traveled, with a 💫 next to some of my favorite places:

  • Cancun, Mexico 💫

  • Disney World 💫

  • New Orleans 💫

  • Outer Banks

  • many other east coast beaches

Places on my travel bucket list:

  • Greece

  • Ireland

  • Japan

  • Norway

  • Sweden

I'm a pretty chill person and want all of the people that I'm working with to feel comfortable asking me any questions you may have about traveling, I've seen a lot in my travels and I'm here to make sure your dream vacation is stress free and enjoyable.  Travel can be intimidating if you don't have someone in your corner to help you along the way to make sure everything is covered and all of the details are worked out for you.  That's what I'm here for.  Thank you for trusting me to assist you with all of your travel needs.

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