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Renee sweet

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I have always wanted to explore the world. Even as a child, I dreamed of gazing out onto unfamiliar landscapes and experiencing the wonders of different cultures. As I began to fulfill those dreams as an adult, I discovered that planning my trips was almost as magical as the trips themselves: the slow burn of anticipation, the daydreams of experiences I would have, the peek into the lives of the local people as I briefly learned about the history and etiquette of the region I would be visiting. This is the wonder and excitement I want to bring to your travel planning.


I have personally vacationed in over seventeen countries in addition to traveling extensively in the United States. I have experience planning weekend getaways, multi-week journeys, and everything in between! My husband and I don’t have children (unless you count our spoiled fur babies!), so my expertise is primarily in planning unforgettable vacations for adult travelers.


My goal as your travel planner is to help you and your loved ones get out there and adventure in your own unique way, creating memories that will last a lifetime. The world is waiting to be seen, so let's go explore more!

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