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renata swain

Renata Swain.jpg

Travel has been the sole motivation that led Renata Swain to leave her home country of Brazil and move to the United States in 1991. 

Since then, she has traveled consistently while working in the hospitality and service industries.


She’s a licensed esthetician and owner of her own skin care brand.


Renata loves the challenge of planning new and exciting itineraries and, because of her success finding amazing deals on unforgettable destinations, she’s been helping family, friends and clients design their “dream vacation” for many years.


Connecting with and getting to know her clientele while building relationships is her main goal and she was thrilled at the opportunity to join Travelmation where she’s had extensive training with some of the best travel brands in the world.


From Disney dream trips and Europe adventures to the best “travel with your dog” destinations; if you can dream it, she can plan it!

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