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rebecca weaver

Rebecca Weaver.jpg

Rebecca is a seasoned traveler and still  always finds her way home to Disney World. With a love of travel and planning, she thought it only natural to share her expertise and knowledge with others to help plan amazing vacations!

Together, with my daughter as her travel buddy, they hold annual passes to Disney World, have traveled widely across much of the US and have started to build the collection of stamps in their passports as they visit more countries!

A Human Resources professional by day - but a dreamer and travel planner by night!  Specializing in Disney Coast to Coast and on the Ocean is so much fun. There's a whole world to see and she can help take you there with Royal Caribbean or Sandals.

With such immense personal experiences and through planning with clients, Rebecca is able to guide you through one of a kind vacation plans for:

  • All budgets - from the most economical to super deluxe, any size trip to fit any size wallet!

  • Multigenerational travel - from infants to grandparents and everything in between!

  • Disability knowledge - having had experience will both neurodiverse and physical limitations, she is happy to keep an eye on the best accommodations and services to suggest

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