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nicole maddalone

Nicole Maddalone

I am Nicole, mama of two adventurous little boys living in Upstate New York. I began my love for Disney as a young girl watching princesses stand up for themselves and fall in love with their prince. From the moment of my first trip at seven years old I was hooked. My family didn't get to travel a lot so I really developed the "travel bug" in my 20s and began exploring the USA with friends and doing my first little adult-only Disney Trip. When I became a mother, I wanted to instill in them the importance of quality time with family and the beauty of exploring the world around us. That moments were more important than things. And I couldn't wait to share the magic of Disney with them! We have gone six times in five years and every single time, their eyes just light up! It gives me the most beautiful chills and fills my heart. Being able to share the wonder of Disney and the world with them. Because after all we want to leave this world with memories, not just dreams don't we? So nothing felt more fitting than helping other families do what we do, and have a truly magical time.

I cannot wait to help your family plan their dream Disney destination trips!

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