Neil Kassinger

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Neil Patrick Kassiner lives in beautiful Chicago, Illinois, USA and started with Travelmation in 2021. He is bringing together a community that loves learning about the world through travel and sharing their experiences with each other as much as he does! Neil likes to call this group the Top Tour Guides Travelers Community. Why this name you ask? Well, Neil has traveled to 13 countries and 34 states and throughout his adventures he went on some disappointing tour guides and made many travel mistakes. So to help the community not make the same mistakes he gives travel tips and he shows them the best tour guides around the world on his YouTube channel Top Tour Guides! You can join the Top Tour Guides Travelers Community by going to or by searching Top Tour Guides on YouTube!


Favorite Travel Destination: Machu Picchu in Peru 

Favorite Food: Chicago Deep Dish Pizza

Favorite Singer: Taylor Swift