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morgan lee

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Hello. I am Morgan Lee. I am an Independent Travel Agent with Travelmation LLC.

 I love the planning process of travel as much as the trips and have been planning vacations and helping family and friends with their vacations for 10 plus years. I have been traveling to Walt Disney World with my Family for over 20 years. Disney World is magical to visit any time of the year, but to me there is something extra special about Christmas in Disney. Our family are Jeepers and love to travel to different Jeep festivals and Events. I am a JESUS loving Jeep girl that is always on the hunt to try a Cup of Coffee at any Park or Place we visit. 

Disney will always be "Home" but I am constantly expanding my knowledge of different destinations through research and visits. No matter where your family wants to vacation, I would love the opportunity to help you plan the vacation of your dreams.


My services are at no additional charge to you, so "Let's Make Your Travel Dreams a Reality".

Favorite Resort: Caribbean Beach and Pop Century

Favorite Attractions: Pirates of the Caribbean, The Haunted Mansion, and The Jungle Cruise

Favorite Snack: Mickey Cinnamon Rolls and Joffery's Coffee

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