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misti maddron

Misti Maddron.jpeg

Misti Maddron is a wife and mom of 5.  She is strong in my faith,  an artist, and a dreamer.  She believes that travel provides healing and restoration in many areas of life. 


Misti has enjoyed traveling since she was a child.  Her family emphasised the importance of seeing and experiencing different areas and cultures.  She fell in love with Disney at the age of 8.  She has always had an affinity for Figment and has to always ride Figments Journey Into Imagination!  She not only loves the magic of Disney, but enjoys luxury travel too.


After the tragic loss of one of her five children, Misti began using travel as a healing agent.  It served as a retreat from the day to day life and healed wounds that needed to be tended to.  She is also a big believer in travel serving as a binder for couples to get away and reconnect.  She loves serving clients alongside her husband as they help others make lifelong memories!

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