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mindy swickrath

Mindy Swickrath.jpg

Mindy's love for travel started as a little girl at Walt Disney World. The imagineering filled her childhood with unforgettable memories. Now that she has two princess-loving girls of her own, she delights in creating magical memories for her family at Disney and beyond. 


Mindy understands that travel shapes you. It opens your eyes to new people, places and experiences and leaves you with stories that last a lifetime. That's the power of travel and that's why she loves planning adventures for others whether it be at Disney, the beach, an all-inclusive resort, in another country, or on the open seas! 


Mindy lives in Northern Kentucky with her husband, John, and their two precious daughters, Chloe and Brynn.


Favorite Disney Resort - Caribbean Beach

Favorite Disney Ride - Slinky Dog Dash

Favorite Disney snack - Mickey Pretzel

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