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melissa nordstrom

Melissa Nordstrom.jpeg

Hello!  I recently joined Travelmation because of my love and passion for all things travel!  I have been an avid traveler since I was a young girl because I grew up with parents who believed in making family vacation memories!  Once I became an independent young adult, I continued traveling, for both work and pleasure.  Later, I married my husband of 20+ years now and we had two children.  We both instilled the love of travel in my kids and have made so many memories over the years.  From Disney, to beach vacations, to European destinations, my family has experienced so much together.  I truly believe families that travel together create a special bond and create memories that last a lifetime. 


This is why I joined Travelmation - to help families turn their travel dreams into a reality and to create those lasting memories.  I want to see my client’s and their families experience the best vacation possible, while creating powerful bonds and lasting memories, just as my family has, through travel.

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