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melissa long

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Hi, my name is Melissa Long and I am married to my amazing Husband, Dustin. We have four amazing children who are the why behind me joining Travelmation. Besides going to Church, spending time with family and friends, watching the kiddos do what they love from tennis to gymnastics to football to riding four wheelers to fishing and everything in between we love to travel and make memories together! In our own unique way we have been reminded time and time again life is too short for some and memories last a lifetime! With that said, I know way to well the hardships that come with planning and replanning, finances, having too many people for one room, etc. So, after experiencing challenges and moving forward regardless to make it happen with lots of research for great deals, best time to visit, how to get insurance etc. it brought me to love the research that goes into travel and that lead me to start this amazing journey as your future travel agent! 


Did you say......Last minute trip? Well then you are speaking my language. I love to plan in advance as everyone does for those beautiful honeymoons or life long dream trips, but last minute seems to be the way our family works, so if you have a big family who is always busy and you just found out it is actually going to work don't hesitate to call me. I know all to well about having to schedule and reschedule (that's why I am a huge believer in travel Insurance as we never know what tomorrow holds). I have experience with quick getaways such as Nashville, Great Wolf Lodge, Pigeon Forge, Dollywood, Savannah, Hilton Head, Chattanooga, Atlanta, or those amazing getaways that require riding, flying, or sailing across the open sea. 


Now, let's get to know all about you and how I can help you make traveling memories where no trip is too big or too small for amazing memories! 

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