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matt murphree

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Our memories last a lifetime. Like jogging through the empty line as the last riders of Space Mountain before closing for the night, looking down at a tired family on the Magic Kingdom ferry after a perfect week of vacation, or being so excited to go, accidentally walking away from the parked rental car with it still running! (To be fair, it was really quiet.)


Not long after that trip, Matt's extremely wise wife said, “wouldn’t it be great to use the love of planning vacations to help other people?"  Being a part of Travelmation allows him to do just that!  Helping other families create memories like these, is like reliving family fun again and again. 


Matt grew up going to Disneyland yearly, and when he turned 17, he served as a Cast Member at the Disneyland Resort. This experience began a lifelong desire to live out the core values he saw.  Excellent customer service. Efficient use of time, space. Curiosity and creativity. Matt knows all families are unique and deserve the most out of the resources they spend on vacation. Matt would be honored to walk alongside families creating that vision, at Disneyland,  Disney World, or anywhere else a family dreams of going.


Matt’s dreams came true on a Disney vacation after years of imagining it. Yours can too. 


Matt lives just outside of Sedona in Northern Arizona with his wife, his two boys, and his sweet dog, Tony.


Favorite attraction: Rise of the Resistance

Favorite snack: Churros

Favorite Star Wars character: R2D2

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