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marguerite gleason

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Traveling around the world is my passion and has been since my Mom began working with an airline in my 20s.  As one of her travel companions, I could fly all over the world essentially free.  While my friends would travel to Florida for Spring Break, I would fly off to Italy.    


As a single Mom, many people are in awe of the amazing travel adventures I have had with my sons (now 11 and 13 years old) since they were born.  Seeing the world with them and through their eyes as well as my own brings me more joy than anything else. I am a veterinarian and have practiced for over 20 years – I adore my work.   Nonetheless, I work to travel.  My thoughts are often consumed with where to go next, what to do while I am there, who to go with and thankfully I have an amazingly flexible work schedule to allow for this. 


Sharing these travel adventures with friends and family through social media is a big part of our adventures.  I love showing people different parts of the world, educating them about the people and culture and making our world feel a little more accessible to those who haven’t traveled to these places. 


Over time, my friends and family have come to me for advice about their own traveling.  They often go to places I have shown them and sharing those travel experiences gives me such fulfillment.  Subsequently, I decided recently to join Travelmation and officially offer my skills and knowledge to friends and family to help them with travel.  This is an organization a group of veterinarian Moms work with and have enjoyed.

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