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Amy & Derek Peterson

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Why have one travel agent when you can have TWO!  Meet Amy and Derek!  They bring a unique flare to Travelmation as they are social media travel influencers who became travel agents.  Their love of travel expressed in social media brought many followers to ask them questions such as “how do I go there!?!”… “can you tell me the best things to do there?”.  From this consistent flow of travel questions becoming travel agents only made sense! 


As influencers and agents their focus is on the LUXURY and all-inclusive market.  Many of their bookings and clients come from groups on cruises and all inclusive resorts.  They work closely with large families, friends and companies planning large group travel events such as family reunions, company trips, bachelor/bachelorette parties, destination weddings, couple’s getaway’s and any other group travel excursions.  In addition to group all inclusive travel they also focus on international luxury travel with upcoming travel themselves to places like Tahiti, Philippines, Bali, Thailand, and Maldives to name a few!  Need some over the water bungalows, these are your agents!  


As influencers and bloggers you can experience much of their travels yourself by consuming some of their photography and videography as you make your decisions one where to go.  Their collective travel knowledge is expansive and x 2 …. as you get them both when you chose to book with Amy and Derek!


This active couple loves to work hard and play hard, and believes that through travel and respective experiences you can live the most extraordinary life imaginable!  

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