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lauren sykes

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Hello, I'm Lauren Sykes Newman. I have dedicated the past eight years to the noble profession of bedside nursing, providing compassionate care to individuals during their most challenging moments. While nursing holds a special place in my heart and remains an integral part of my life, I am now embarking on a new chapter.

My passion lies in assisting people during their happiest and most memorable times. Traveling, to me, embodies the essence of quality time spent with loved ones - whether it's family, a significant other, friends, or even oneself.

From a young age, I was fortunate to experience the wonders of travel. Every summer, my parents took us on exciting adventures, exploring new destinations such as mountains, beaches, and unfamiliar places. Throughout the years, I have explored nearly 50 states across the United States.

As I grew older, my wanderlust led me beyond the borders of the United States. I have explored enchanting locations like Canada, Jamaica, Curacao, and many others. From exhilarating cruises to delightful all-inclusive resorts, I have indulged in diverse travel experiences. Additionally, I discovered that visiting Disney as an adult can be just as enchanting, as it allows us to relive the magic of our childhood.

Curacao holds a special place in my heart as it became the destination where I recently celebrated my marriage and enjoyed a blissful honeymoon.

Although I am new to the travel industry, my extensive personal experiences have endowed me with a comprehensive understanding of all things related to travel. I am well-versed in various aspects of the travel realm and eagerly look forward to sharing my expertise to help you create unforgettable journeys.

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