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kristen allen

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I am a born and raised 4th generation Floridian. 

My husband and I live right outside of Orlando with our 2 kids. 

I've loved Disney ever since I was a little girl. My mom and I would pack up for a weekend away and experience all the Disney magic. Those are moments I won't forget and I love watching her make them now with her grandkids.


My first official job was working at a travel agency when I was in high school. So you can say I've been interested in this industry since the beginning. 


I've had the opportunity to travel parts of the USA, various countries in Central America, numerous countries in Europe (Italy being my favorite), and even to Australia. On my bucket list trips I want to travel to Egypt to see the pyramids, Africa for a Safari, and the Greek Isles to experience the beauty and culture. 


I love history and making memories and what better way to do that than through going to new places and experiencing new things?

I'd love to help make new and lasting memories for you and your family. 

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