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kim kent

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My name is Kim, I am a mom to Aidan and a wife to Jason as well as a Travelmation agent. I have worked for FDLIC for the last 13 years in a traditional office setting but I am branching out to do something a little different and a little less traditional. My time there has offered me some awesome opportunities to travel to great locations and has further solidified my love of travel. Aidan has played travel baseball for years so I have had a significant amount of time planning and booking trips.

I look forward to using that experience as well as pairing it with the wonderful information I have learned with Travelmation to book fabulous experiences for my clients! I aim to take the pressure out of vacation planning for you. I believe all vacations should be all about fun and relaxation so any help I can provide is my number one priority.

My favorite vacation travels have been to Maui and the amazing city of New York City. There is nothing better than living out your dream vacations!

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