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kelly wiemann

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Hi, I’m Kelly! I am professionally trained as a nurse, but I have always had a passion for traveling. I guess I could have become a travel nurse but becoming a travel agent is more fun… and has more perks!  

I love discovering new places almost as much as I love sharing and recommending them. I have been to several places within the USA; and I have also traveled to Mexico and the Caribbean. I tend to travel wherever I can find a good beach (Florida, OBX, Aruba) but I have also spent plenty of time on ski resorts and exploring more wilderness areas (Shenandoah, Vermont, Maine). 

I am a mother to two young girls and watching them explore new places and things is something I will forever cherish. I recently took them to Disney World for the first time. I've been to Disney World as an adult but experiencing it with my children brought on a new appreciation for the Disney Magic!

I want to help other people discover the value of creating lifelong memories. So let me help you, your family, and your friends plan that trip you’ll never forget; because the only trip you’ll regret is the one you didn’t take!

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