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kayleen brown

Kayleen Brown.jpeg

I became a travel agent with Travelmationin March of 2023. My mission is to get families reasonably-priced and hassle-free vacations. Inspired to find a job that would allow me to be a stay-at-home mom with my son, I decided to try my skills as a travel agent.

My first big undertaking was planning a family vacation trip for 12, to Disney, for a week. The entire family was thrilled with how I meticulously planned and scheduled every detail for the group, and made it a stress-free vacation for them.

Growing up with an immense love and connection to Disney, I am arguably an expert! I have spent years researching Disney parks and attractions, and staying up to date on all-things-Disney. Since joining Travelmation, I have completed the College of Disney Knowledge courses, gaining even more tools to make your vacation absolutely magical! I truly live for the wonders and excitement of Disney, and all the wonderful memories that are made there! 

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