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katie bollinger

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Katie Bollinger is a travel agent with the Travelmation company which was founded by Adam Duckworth in 2012. Travelmation is a national, innovative travel agency that creates unforgettable and personalized travel experiences for clients around the world.

Katie would like to share her passion for experiencing new sights around the world with prospective clients. She has a degree in business and has her own at-home company called The Vinyl Peach. She designs specialty items and as a result is adept at organization, interacting with clients, attention to detail, and technology. She is also the mother of an active 4 year old. She enjoys seeking out fun events for him to attend and therefore is skilled in exploring local destinations. Katie has traveled within the United States and consequently has had experience in creating pleasurable and  affordable family vacations. She has also traveled to more distant places such as Mexico, Alaska, the Caribbean, and the Bahamas on cruises. In each destination she went ashore and had the pleasure of witnessing the land, people, and cultures. A lot of delightful activities, which were available in each destination, made each place a treasured memory. She would like to help others make their own special memories by planning a dream get-away to a local or distant destination.

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