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katie beavers

Katie Beavers.jpeg

Katie has been passionate about travel since the first time she left the country on an international trip at the age of fourteen. Her parents instilled a passion for exploring the world around her at a very young age and she has followed that passion ever since. Katie believes that traveling is a way of exploring and engaging in the world around you. Her family’s yearly trips to Disney World, exploring Italy, cruising through the Caribbean and swimming with dolphins in the Bahamas have been some of her favorite adventures she has been on so far. Katie believes that instilling a love of travel and adventure is a way to unite family and friends under unique circumstances that allow them to share memories that will last a lifetime. There is so much that goes into creating one of a kind, detailed and customized travel experiences. This is why pairing with Katie as an agent is so helpful and important. Let Katie help create the next adventure for you, your family or your friends!


Katie lives in the Athens, Georgia area with her husband, Trey, and her four children, Powell, Clayton, Beau and Elisabeth Ann. 



Favorite Family Vacation: Disney World

Favorite Country to Visit: Italy

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