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kara jeske

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My name is Kara Jeske. I am a mother of two and we love to travel. My husband and I have been married for 8 years and have gone on 6 cruises, visited 8 countries, and lived in 9 different places across the continental US. My oldest son is 4 years old and has already been on 3 cruises, visited 6 countries, and lived in 6 places in the US. So I know how travel with young kids can be!


I am just starting out on my travel agent journey but have plenty of experience planning family travel and vacations. As soon as I met my first travel agent, I knew it would be something I would love to do and look forward to creating many more memories for myself and anyone who comes to me for help.


As I mentioned before I have cruised many times and with many different companies and destinations. I grew up in San Diego, CA and have been to every amusement park down there many times.


Working with me means that I will be helping you plan your dream vacations, work trips, or any other reason to travel. We are partnered with many companies who give us exclusive deals on travel. I can provide insider tips and information to help your trip be the best it can be. Together we can plan every part of your vacation and the best part is the cost for my knowledge and connections is FREE! Let me help you plan the trip you need!

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