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kara gardenhire

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Hello, my name is Kara Gardenhire and I can't wait to help you plan your next getaway!  I am new to the agent world but not new to travel.  Travel is my passion, inspiration, and promotes my creativity.  I've been helping family and friends plan their vacations for years based all on my travel experiences to great places.

Travel will improve your mental health, calms your mind, and just makes life more positive. Many travel to help understand themselves, to reduce stress and anxiety.  So no matter your why, or if you need help determining your why, I can do that by taking the worry out of the details for an exciting, relaxing, memorable experience.  

Beach vacations along with big city trips are some of my favorite vacations with family and friends.  Cabo San Lucas is like home to me.  I have traveled to Cabo several times a year in the last 20 years.  The food and service are simply amazing and the beach views.... just breathtaking. 

The Bahamas is another favorite of mine, as they say, "Everything is Better in the Bahamas."  This is so true! The crystal clear water just gives you that "awe" feeling of calm and tranquil and everything is going to be all right feel. 

Let's not forget that there isn't a much better place to go; than a few days in the California wine country.  It is always a fun adventure full of laughs and great wine.  I usually find myself with a new must visit winery to share with my friends. 

If you enjoy the big city, I can assist you with that too!  New York City, San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, Seattle all are great places to visit.  So much to see and do as well as learning so much historically.  Not only have I visited the cities for my own enjoyment, I have planned and organized travel for school groups of 100+ students and parents.  Some of the most exciting trips have been to Chicago, Nashville, San Antonio along with Disney.  Each of these places provide a learning experience that expands the learning far beyond the classroom.  

You only have so many summers and holidays...let me help you get what you deserve on your next trip!!!

Travel makes me happy!  Let me share it with you!

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