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J.R. Longstaff

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My wife and I love to travel, and it is so exciting when I get to help others explore the world.

I know you have heard the phrase, "I've got a guy for that..." Guess what? Now you have a travel guy...and the best part is my professional services cost you absolutely nothing!

I can book everything from cruises to all-inclusive resorts, Disney Destinations, guided VIP trips, group travel, and just about anywhere around the globe.

My one question is...Where do you want to go?



I live in Miami Lakes, FL, with my wife. We go on 2-3 "adventures" each year in addition to our regular trips up the turnpike to Disney World. We proudly wear the "foodie" title when given to us by our friends, and most of our adventures end up centering around local foods.

I definitely have a strong wanderlust. Of course, I enjoy the "going on vacation" travel, but I also enjoy the travel I do for work. Packing your bags, loading the car or going to the airport, road-tripping or boarding the plane, and that adventurous feeling of experiencing somewhere you have never been before. I get so much satisfaction from helping others experience that feeling, which is why I am a travel agent.

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